For me, the sea is like a mirror.

(I mean,) Our thoughts or actions come back to us.

For exemple talking of sports,if we train a lot ,the sea will bring us the same amount of joy as of our practice.

On the contrary we will pay for our lack of respect.

Speaking of environment it is the same, if we keep the sea clean we will be able to have tasty fish.
But if we pollute it we will eat contaminated fish.

The sea is a place where human beings thoughts and actions are just reflected as they are.

And,the Japanese word for Nature is 「shizen」written into 2 Chinese characters "shi" and "zen" ,
"shi" also carries the meaning of oneself so to damage Nature is to harm oneself.

When human beings go to the sea they really are tiny living things.
Even being rivals we have to help one another.Showing mutual help allows reaching a higher level .

Oceans make men's bonds and teach human beings about Nature's greatness.
They tie people with people, bond people with Nature and the oceans are linked into One Ocean.

I hope that the message of「One Ocean」 will reach and find an echo in the heart of a lot of people.
I wish you will find your own 「One Ocean」.

One Ocean

One Ocean Project captain
Professional free diver : Ryuzo Shinomiya